Orange County Online Assessment Appeal Application

Wondering what you can do online? Check out the Clerk of the Board's NEW online Assessment Appeal Application.

Now you can store your appeal information in your own user profile and get to all your filed appeals by the click of a button. You can also check back frequently to check the latest status of your appeal(s), or
You can simply use the online application to complete the form, print it and mail it for filing.

Welcome to the Clerk of the Board's Online Assessment Appeal Application. Now you can complete your form online, print it, sign it and mail it to the Clerk of the Board.

This application is ADA compliant.  If you encounter any problems, please email us.

This easy to use process will provide you with online instructions for every section of the form. Before you begin you will need to have readily available:

 Your annual assessment notice from the Assessor; or
 Your notice of assessment from the Assessor; or
 Your bill from the Tax Collector
These documents have relevant information that is required in order to successfully complete your application.

We hope that you enjoy the ease of completing your application online. Be sure that you:
 Retain a copy of your completed form for your records
 Visit the Clerk of the Board's website at for workshop      dates/locations and information that will assist you during the appeals process.
If you are experiencing difficulty on this site, call the Clerk of the Board at
(714) 834-2331, ext. 1.